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Mosquito Control Services

Karachi, Pakistan
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    30 Nov 2012
CNG PEST CONTROL What are mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are a winged prolific pest with long thin legs. While they are most often associated with biting humans leaving being itchy red welts only the female requires blood. She uses the blood to lay eggs. These eggs are bred in stagnant water such as bird baths, puddles, and swampy areas. A mosquito’s natural diet is nectar. Why do I have them? Almost no one is immune to mosquito problems during the warm months. A female can lay several hundred eggs at a time. Within a few days the eggs are ready to hatch. Each mosquito lives two to three weeks and a female can have 3 hatching cycles in her short lifetime. Are they dangerous? In word: YES! Mosquitoes carry many diseases such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and encephalitis. They feed off both humans and animals thus cross contaminating between the species. Even if not transmitting a disease, the bites can be come infected by scratching. How do I get rid of mosquitoes? Because mosquitoes generally live and breed outside any treatment performed is done outside. CNG has found that the best course of action is a monthly exterior treatment to areas adjacent to your sitting and living areas. We perform this service each month during the warm season to ensure maximum efficacy. If you have a special occasion coming up such as an outdoor wedding then CNG can do a treatment a day or two in advance to ensure your event isn’t ruined by biting mosquito. Can I do it myself? There are products available for mosquitoes including sprays and bug-lights. These products often drain your wallet but do not help your problem. When you have CNG provide your service you are utilizing 48 years of knowledge of the best way to treat, the best product with which to treat, and safest means by which to treat to protect your family. CNG technicians perform many hours of training and continuing education to know the best way to treat your home. Each pesticide must be used in a specific mixture. If mixed incorrectly by a do-it-yourself the result can be very dangerous. Is the treatment safe? Your family is our greatest concern. CNG uses environmentally sound practices to eliminate your pests while causing no damage to your plants. If you have pets we suggest that they be kept out of the sprayed area just long enough for the treatment to dry. Then your family can enjoy the outdoors free of painful itchy bites. How soon can you get here? In many cases CNG can respond the same or next day. What is the guarantee? CNG guarantees that we will take care of your initial mosquito problem so that you can have your outdoor event, say a wedding, but for continued best results we recommend monthly service during the warm months. How can I prevent this in the future? As we said, no one is immune to mosquito problems. You can do a few things to lessen your chances of mosquitoes breeding near your home: make sure there is no standing CNG PEST CONTROL 03002040400 Views: 1819