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Water Tank Cleaning & Fumigation Services

Karachi, Pakistan
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    12 Apr 2013
Cleaning of water storage tanks can be a hazardous job for both the operators and for people within the building. CNG Tank Clean services have been launched on 26th September 2006. We have 1500 customer base and an experience of cleaning more than 100,000 tanks in the last 6 years. Our operatives are fully trained in water tank cleaning and also in ensuring the safety of all people whilst cleaning is in operation. They all adhere to statutory safety norms when working on the site. We are fully equipped with the updated machinery and equipment and are well versed to engage for operation, most effective techniques, insecticides / germicide / disinfectant and chemicals. We do our best to render effective disinfection service against virus, bacteria and other organism, removing of sediments and moss by scientific method. We use only water to clean the water tanks.Time required is about an hour to clean a tank of about 15000 liters.The tanks can be put to use immediately after cleaning. We suggest tank cleaning four times a year due to leakage of pipelines and climatic water condition of our country. Our equipment consists of a high volume pump, a high pressure rotary jet machine which is german made, a heavy duty suction process to drain the tanks of complete water including sludge making it ready for cleaning, vacuum cleaner and UV lamps. We need the following information to quote: Number of tanks present Size of tanks to be cleaned in liters Type of tanks to be cleaned (R CC, tiled ,intersex... etc) Location of tanks to be cleaned Any working restrictions such as out of hours working Location of power supply Please call us: 03002040400 The ultimate tank purification system is now here! We offer full service & maintenance packages for all types of water storage tanks, including preventative maintenance & repairs, heavy or light duty cleaning and sterilization. The ultimate tank purification system is now here! We offer packages for all types of water storage tanks . Full mechanical cleaning of water storage tanks Complete disinfection of water storage tanks Inspection and consultancy of storage tank condition We provide Water Tank Service, Cleaning & Maintenance for - Residential Apartment buildings Schools, Colleges & Hospitals Residential Care Facilities & Nursing Homes Hotels, Restaurants & Bars Public & Private Swimming Pools and Gyms Shopping Centers, Sport facilities and Golf Courses Offices & Industrial Premises Agricultural & Horticultural Sectors. We know how important a fast and efficient service is to your water tank and we work with you to ensure you obtain the best and most appropriate service for your needs. Please speak with one of our water hygiene consultants for more information on our services and how we can help YOU. The Benefits of Choosing CNG Water Tank Cleaning Services - here are some of the reasons why CNG Water Tank Cleaning Service is a must for all households: Minimal water wastage during tank cleaning Statutory standards to deliver bacteria free, odor free, fungus free and virus free clear tanks No chemicals are used Prompt & High standard of service The most common way of cleaning the drinking water tank today is to hire the local sweeper or a plumber. (This is many times done only after some people residing in that particular building complain of some health problems arising out of water borne diseases.) This plumber or sweeper in turn usually employs a casual laborer to get the tank cleaned. This laborer, who, himself on most of the occasions has the most unclean and dirty living habits, enters into the tank with a brush or a broom, (the same brush or broom which is used for cleaning the gutters and toilets.) and scrubs manually the walls and floors and only sometimes ceiling of the drinking water tank, using the same dirty water that is remaining in the drinking water tank. After this he physically removes water and the sludge from the tank using a bucket, mug and mops the tank to only show the residents the tank is clean. He sometimes uses bleaching powder or detergent (which proves to be harmful in some cases) for cleaning the tank. This process in the first place is very laborious and the cleaning is very ineffective as there is no guarantee that person scrubs the tank to remove the dirt is using his full strength. Secondly, even after so-called thorough cleaning by them, the disease causing bacteria still remains in the tank giving full scope for their further development and multiplication in the drinking water tank, to make the drinking water risky for human consumption. Thirdly, the people who normally do these cleaning jobs are untrained casual workers who usually do not have any sense at personal hygiene and they themselves could be the source of contamination of the drinking water tank. Against all above serious demerits of the prevailing conventional methods of cleaning the tanks the only advantage which we think probably is, the cheaper costs of such unprofessional cleaning. We feel this would be about 30% to 35% cheaper than our unique professional method of cleaning the tank. But if one has to think of the long term serious repercussions and consequences of the present Co. The 6 stage cleaning process has been developed through research and development to arrive at a foolproof process that involves through state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary antibacterial agents that are safe, effective and Eco-friendly. Stage 1: Mechanized De watering: Manhole and surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud and algae. Excess water is drained out & flushed straight into the drainage system, laving no mess around a. Stage 2: Sludge Removal: Drains the tank of complete sludge & water making it ready to be cleaned with fresh water. Stage 3: High Pressure Cleaning: At this stage the complete tank is thoroughly cleaned right from the ceiling, the walls & the floor, leaving no speck of dirt, algae, mosses, bacteria & calculation Stage 4: Vacuum Cleaning: A vacuum pump is used to remove sludge & total sedimentation making the tank totally dirt free. Stage 5: Antibacterial Spray: The walls & ceilings are made totally sterile from bacteria attack using specially developed antibacterial agents. Stage 6: UV Radiation: A specially developed UV Radiator is used to kill suspended or floating bacteria remaining in the tank. For Further Detail Call us: 03002040400, 03142040400, 03642040400, 03462040400 03202040400 02134404400 & etc. Views: 1804